Statement of Purpose

The CIHC honors the diversity and history of California Indian people by preserving cultural and tribal traditions, nurturing contemporary expressions, and facilitating research and education, for California, the nation, and the world.

Vision Statement

The vision of the CIHC is to partner with tribal communities, regional cultural centers and museums to present a statewide perspective on California’s diverse Indian cultural legacy. To enhance public understanding of the traditional and spiritual beliefs, practices, and contributions to promote dialogue between generations. To provide educational opportunities to research and understand California’s Indian history, cultures and impact of contemporary issues.

Guiding Principles

  • Create a place that represents and celebrates all California Indian Cultures, while remaining nameless, faceless and neutral
  • Honor and respect local tribal protocols and traditions for welcoming other tribes
  • Build a Center on the premise of Healing the Land, demonstrating traditional values for land stewardship and environmental consciousness
  • Encourage understanding of Indian values through site design, reinforcing the message of Californian Indian Culture as a Living Culture. Inject California Indian values in all aspects of site development
  • Develop the site and facilities with a natural character, using natural materials and a light footprint on the land, and embrace the river and seasons
  • Provide integrated indoor and outdoor spaces to facilitate transfer of culture, education and preservation of traditions, and enable site flexibility, allowing different event formats
  • Provide safe and comfortable spaces for all visitors, emphasizing easy pedestrian circulation
  • Create a Center that is a good neighbor through community engagement